Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sensory Room Part 2

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   Time to get into more depth about my sensory room and the great finds that my OT and student teacher OT found for me. There are a few finds of my own that I added but, really like I said in this post Sensory Room Part 1 my inspiration was started from those two wonderful ladies that got my mind thinking in terms of the senses! So, in this post I'm going to use the same pictures that I had in my first post but, I'm going to explain what the items in the pictures are used for and if I know, where they were found! All about the sharing!

In this first picture you will find my "fidget table". I have a student that will sit on an exercise ball and bounce while at this tale and play with the items on it. Starting from left to right there is a mini pillow pet (black) which when pressed will glow different colors. There is also squish balls some with lights in them and others without. Those I found at dollar stores and the Target dollar spot.  The "frog" looking things are massagers that I found at Aldi's for $5. The kids love them, and there feet glow too! Then I have the standard lava lamp (five below) and sets of bins with small items and a homemade light box. This is a tupperware container, christmas lights inside with a hole cut out so the cord will fit and plug it in! The student teacher OT that I had made this and the kids like putting glow in the dark stars and see through chips and mess with mixing the colors.

 Here is a closer look at the homemade light box that was made! The students turn the light off and move the pieces around to see how they look.
 Here is a closer look at the mini pillow pet, frog massagers, squish balls, and lava lamp at the "fidget table".
 Here is part of my tactile wall. I got these tactile letters from my OT but, you can get these at lakeshore or other stores. They have all kinds of textures on them and my students love to touch and describe how they feel.
 My best piece in the room! My tactile board! The student teacher OT made this for us! She got a pegboard at Lowes and piled it with anything and everything she could find on the cheap from stores and samples at Lowes to create these different textures and touches. There are slinkies, zippers, push lights, magnet boards, felt grass, tile samples, and different styles of cloth.
 This gives a large view of the "crash pit". I have students that love to spin, crash into mats, and try to balance. This mat and exercise balls help. There is a blue cloth hanging which is an extra large body sock! You can also see my shower curtains over my lights so even when the lights are on in the room they are more dim. One shower curtain is an ocean theme and the other I got at TJ Maxx and it has all different synonyms for "relaxation on them. I thought it was calming and fitting for our room.
 Here is another vestibular area. There are handprints for students to do wall push ups on. Also pictures of different positions students can try on the mats or in the body sock. They were simple enough that my students could understand them. Also, the angry bird picture is for one of my students that love to play catch. Instead of bugging the staff every time I taught him to play wall ball with the angry bird! He loves it.  Also pictures in the bottom is the spin disc ( very expensive sit and spin, my OT bought it from school specialty) and a bilbo seat. I found that at a second hand sale for $5.
 Lastly, the cozy corner. We have mats (from a yard sale at a day care) pillows, bean bag, carpet, rope lights for when the lights are out, and a basket for one of my students who likes to curl up in the corner and draw. She would do this forever if I let her and her drawings are so awesome that sometimes I want to let her do it!
Well, this was a really long post but, I hoped you enjoyed my sensory room. I am so excited with how it came out and my students definitely use it more now that they have this setup.

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