Tuesday, May 27, 2014

10 Things I Want to do This Summer!!

Joining the Linkup! 10 Things I Want to do this SUMMER!!!!

I decided that even though it is not summer yet, that I better get started on planning what I want to do with the long awaited and always flying to quickly by pieces that teachers like to call their summer vacation. We always have a big to do list in the summer and when the end of August rolls around we realize we never got quite as far as we had hoped. So, here is to making the list and hopefully checking off all of them!

1. Loving on my little one..    I am so lucky that I am a teacher and get time off to spend it with my daughter. She is such a  fun age at 2 1/2. She loves to play outside, be my helper, and play princesses!

2. Spending time in my garden.. I have decided (or maybe my husband has..) to go all out this year with 30 tomato plants, pepper plants, cucumbers, eggplant, strawberries, onions.. and more! Gotta keep up with it all!

3. Visiting lots of family and enjoying their company... I love that I have the time to visit family and friends since we moved out of the area. I miss them so much!

4. Working out more regularly and eating better..  BLAH BLAH BLAH

5. Staying up late because I can sleep in... Watching some of the shows that I have been slacking on and maybe catching up on some shows so I can start watching them when the new seasons start in the fall like Parenthood, Orange is the New Black..

6. Cleaning, de-cluttering, and pitching.. Since we moved a few years ago we never really got rid of everything. I need to go through and decide what is really needed, what can be donated and so on..

7. Creating TPT products... I have been slacking at the end of the year and with the start up of the new blog.. I have so many ideas and things that I know that I want to make for my own classroom and things that maybe others can use as well!  Summertime should be good with that!

8. Finishing Grad school and obtaining my masters! This is a big check! Probably the biggest one on my list. I am currently taking two courses and then I'm done.. what a huge accomplishment for me since I stopped it a few years ago and just decided to finish it up!

9. Attending National Autism Conference... This is at Penn State and there are TONS of great speakers and presentations, it is so hard to choose..

10. Getting prepped faster for next year...I only had about a week and a half since we moved to a new building this year but, now the school will be open all summer and I can pop in and out as I want.. I did kinda make a rule though that I'm not coming in til at least the last week in July.. and at that rate maybe a couple hours a week..

So there it is.. perhaps I'll check back in like the week before summer is over and see how I did?!?!

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