Thursday, June 5, 2014

End of Year... Hellooooo Summer!

So, as normal, the end of the year is always crazy lots of extra events, field trips, and exciting things happening. I don't know why as teachers and school districts we do this to ourselves because as the year gets closer to the end we think it is great to do these fun things, but they are so much work!

I love every minute of the end of the year time. Not because school will be over soon but, because I like to think back to how my students were when they first came to me and where they are now. How at the beginning of the year I didn't understand that this student had escape behaviors (that I know now) or this one has a fear of watching people chew gum (not lying, true story!). It is amazing to think back every year to the people you knew at the beginning and who they are now. 

I'm not trying to get all mushy or anything but, as my first year as a special education teacher I understand why those who CAN do, TEACH. I always hated that line and I think my newer phrasing is much better. Our jobs are hard and our students are no piece of cake either. There are many long days in that road of a school year that we embark upon. We sometimes have no idea where we are going but, in the end we arrive at the destination that we needed to be at where our students are better people then when we first met them. This might be a little late because of teacher appreciation week but, I want to thank and commend all teachers that have stuck it out this school year when it might have been tough to do so. 

Happy Summer Everyone! Rest up and before you know it, it will be time to start another year all over again! 

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