Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mini Shopping Trip!

I think that I started to go into shock when I was at the HR dept. at work dropping off some paperwork and the secretary said to me. "Well, you have about a month now and you'll be getting ready to go back to school!"




OMG, she is right..


So, in my panic mode I decided to do a little classroom retail therapy. I had a friend on facebook say that Target was getting their school supplies out in their dollar spot, and I saw a few teachers that had posted some early shopping trips. I had to see if mine was following to suit!


They had some things  such as organizational things like book bins, trays, caddies, but I really don’t need them because I’ve stocked up other years and mine haven’t gotten too beat up. Then, I did find some goodies. Check em out!

So, I love that these were $1!! I can make multiple work tasks out of these. For one I can use the rubber bands for some kind of bundling or fine more task. I can even use them for sorting by color. Then the awesome part is they came in this great box with little compartments that can be used for sorting things. Like the new work task that Brie from Breezy Special Ed shared check it out Vending Machine Sorting Work Task
So I went to a training last December and I am going to the National Autism Conference in August at Penn State which is all about ABA. I have really found a niche with the ABA stuff. It is really so great for shaping behaviors for students and it provides opportunities to teach students new skills and keep those skills for the rest of their lives. One of those skills is categorizing and associating things by their feature, function, or class. I actually made an IEP goal for one of my students to work on this and I found these awesome cards that I plan to use in direct instruction, then once they are mastered move to my fluency station for my students to get faster at and then lastly for more work tasks!

These cards are similar to the ones above in that they involve categorizing and I feel these can provide more higher order thinking about the concepts for students. LOVE!


These are cards I'll laminate and use in a work task where the students have to match the rhyming words and have to circle the pictures on the cards with a dry-erase marker that are the same or different.

Okay so the last three pictures were more a personal buy then for my classroom. I got these because they were $1 and because they were classics! I have a daughter who is not by any means ready to read these but, one day she will be (am I a super planner or a super hoarder? ). Anyways, I decided to include these in my post because if there are teachers out there with students who are capable of reading these books they would be great to buy sets for literature circles or for your classroom library! Plus I love the covers!

So, that is just a tad of I'm sure many shopping trips for the school year. I'm trying to hold back til I can get my classroom mostly setup and really assess my needs before going crazy and getting tons of stuff. We will see how that goes. Have you found any good deals at any stores near you that are already starting the back to school sales???


  1. Those sort cards are awesome! You found those in the dollar bin at Target? Man, I need my ESY money!

    1. Yes I did! I couldn't believe it! They are like something from Super Duper!

  2. Just bought all the flashcards at Target!! AMAZING!!

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