Saturday, August 30, 2014

Throwing a Labor Day Sale!

For all the work that all of us have put in the last couple weeks as our summers closed out and our students will or already did move in I'd like to have a sale for those of you that still find things that you need but, at a discounted rate. So, stop over to my TPT store for a 15% off sale for this entire labor day weekend!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Help Help! Input needed!

Oopps! I'm a slacker! I want to give a freebie to my fans for reaching 100 likes. I don't know what to pick. Go to my store, check out my products and leave a comment below to tell what would help you the most to start the year off!
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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Classroom Reveal! 2014-2015

I've been holding off on doing this because the perfectionist in me didn't want you to see things almost done even if that meant one thing was out of place! Yes, I know I'm delusional because when I look at other people's classroom reveals I always think they look fabulous, I am just hard on myself.

So, here we go...

When you first walk in my one of two doors. Yes, if I ever got to a certain number of students this room would be split in half by the divider and I'd loose half of it.. fingers crossed on that one..  Also, you are not going crazy I do have two clocks as well. Not to mention two thermostats that make my room freezing! 

As you are walking in my room and look to the left. You can see my student work area, a para's work table and some storage. I love my built-ins! 

As you are walking straight into my room. This is the big schedule I have up and you can see the partially put up divider. I figured I had the divider in my room might as well use it to help with dividing the space up. The corner with the pink chair is my classroom library with all my books leveled. 
This is my writing area. Yes, I know there isn't even a desk there. That is because the writing is done with an adult so they grab what they need and bring it back to their table. 

Student computers, one student's work area with the desk carol on top and a view of my huge windows that stretch across the entire back of my classroom. Love the natural light! 

This would be if you walked in my room and looked to the right you would see another set of built-ins and that door with the mirror on it leads to my sensory room. Those pics are at the end of this post. You can also read one of my first posts I wrote with more details about my sensory room here..  Oh, and if that wasn't enough for you I also did another post about it here... 

This is my home. I use this horseshoe table for all my one on one, small group, and whole group teaching. I am lucky enough to say that my class sizes have been on the low side and I have been able to fit everyone at one table. I also am blessed with a smart board, and you can see my purple ipad on the shelf next to it. 

This is my small teach desk. I didn't want one in my classroom but, due to it being in the teacher contract that we have to have one I couldn't get rid of it. So, I asked for a tiny one and pushed it into a corner. 

This will be the desks that my students will complete their morning work, independent work, and work tasks at. Also, in that top left corner is my fluency station that is run by a para in my room. 

Another look at the same area just from another angle. 
Da, da, da, da! This is my new addition this year! My "Life Skills" area. I have all kinds of functional and life skills in this area and I compiled it into one area as opposed to putting a lot of the things in work boxes students will specifically come to this area to complete some of the major household tasks they need to know. I will def. do a post on this in more detail! It is loaded with goodies! 

Another view of inside my Life Skills area. I love the little stool! 

My lovelies! This is the shelf (should have moved the curtain for you to see better) and new added black shelf of my work tasks. I have over 100 work tasks shoved in this little area and I'm super proud to say that! This will also be another post or two in the near future. I know those of you that love work tasks can't wait! 

A second computer area. I know I'm super spoiled! 
In the sensory room. This is a board that a student teacher OT made for my classroom last year. She really helped to give my sensory room a facelift last year. Read about it in these to blog posts! Sensory Room 1  & Sensory Room 2 

Sensory Room again. 

Sensory room.. 

Well, I hope I didn't overwhelm you with pictures and I hope that my room lived up to your expectations. I start school on Monday with the kids so I'm hoping they are as excited to get into this room and work as I am!

Monday, August 18, 2014

ANOTHER TPT Back to School Sale!

Are you serious?!? You mean all the great products that I discovered after the TPT sale in the beginning of August I have a chance to get discounted to save and conserve all my money and get the most bang for my buck?

YOU GOT IT! Wednesday, August 20th!!!

720 × 90

I am psyched! I added a bunch of things to my wishlist and said, "Well I guess when there is a Christmas sale or something." Then I got the notification that TPT was doing it again!

So, since I have finally gotten my computer back along with my creativity mojo here are the products I have in my TPT store that are new that you might be insterested in! If you can't tell.. I'm on a task card tirade!!

Time Task Cards Level 1
With this set the students have to match the analog clock to the same picture of the analog clock. This would be for students just being introduced to time. 

Time Task Cards Level 2
This set of cards goes up a notch and asks the student to look at the analog clock and find the digital form of the same time and match it. 

Edmark Task Cards Lesson 1-45
This set is for my Edmarkers out there! This is the pictures and words for the first 45 lessons of Edmark! I'm going to continue with this set because I see it being such a big help in my classroom! 

And since I have been slacking in the freebie department I thought I'd send this out to really get you a preview of what all my task card sets look like. Drumroll please......

Days and Months Task Cards

I decided to make yet again another set of task cards. I told you I am crazy about them right now. Well. these cards will allow your students to practice matching the visuals for the days of the week and the months of the year to each other for a simple work task or group activity for your morning meeting time. 

Well I hope you can find something you like and if you don't see anything in this blogpost check out my store : Teach.Love.Autism TPT Store

Remember 20% + another 8% for a total of 28% off all my products on August 20th!! Grab those last minute things you want before school starts!! 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

2014-2015 Classroom Schedule

As we all know in special education, we have to be SUPER flexible. Our schedules are constantly changing to meet the needs of our students, staff, and schools. I usually try to have some order to my classroom. No, wait, I ALWAYS have a plan, because if I didn't I'd go crazy. So I made my schedule and with that I know it will change 56 more times before I get it the way I want it. For the time being this seems to be my best option.

I can explain a little bit of what I do or my staff does in each of these sections to help you know a little more about what I do in my room. When I post my classroom reveal you can put some visuals with it as well. I'm not quite there yet (even though student orientation is Monday, eekks!)

UA- Unified Arts- This is music, gym, technology, art, and health. They rotate these throughout the year but, the time they have them stays the same. 

Life Skills- As you will see in my classroom reveal I have added a new area to my classroom called Life Skills. I will have work tasks specifically related to life and functional skills like sorting laundry, hanging clothes, sorting silverware, vacuuming, wiping tables, and many other home-like tasks. 

Work Tasks- Again, you will see in my reveal but, this really is the best part of my schedule. I have all these work boxes that I've have made to create this seamless system that my students thrive on. Check out my pinterest page, Teach.Love.Autism on Pinterest,  if you ever want ideas of cool work boxes. I def. will have posts coming with new ones I have created over the summer. 

Reflex- I love this program! It is a math fact fluency program that is super engaging! I received a grant for it last year for free, and my administration saw that I used it a lot and they bought it for me this year! So thankful! Check out the website here!

Earn Time- Our version of free choice time, reinforcement, preferred activity time, whatever you call it in your room. My students are in middle school and don't always need immediate reinforcement (don't get me wrong, some still do) but, we use Class Dojo to keep track of our positive and negative behaviors throughout the day and that helps determine what they get to do for Earn Time. 

Morning Meeting- This is where we do calendar, weather, social skills, read the News-2-You paper for the week. It's a lot of skills packed in one. I co-teach this with my SLP and it is awesome!

Morning Work/Chores- These are binders I have set up and tasks throughout the classroom that I have my students do after they get unpacked for the day. Something that is structured that keeps them busy while I run around taking attendance, calling parents, and other crazy stuff.

Math DI/Reading DI- This is my students one on one time with me in either reading or math. They have binders with specific curriculum picked out that I use just with them geared towards IEP goals or skills that we have deemed necessary for these students based off beginning of the year assessments.

Science/Social Studies- I use the News-2-You and Unique Learning System to create my lessons for these subjects. We either rotate topics or if the students are really interested in something we will carry on with it for a week or even a month!

Fluency- This station is run by one of my para-professionals. Each student has sets of cards of skills they need have recently mastered and we work on maintaining fluency of those skills so the students can maintain them. each student has their own set based on what they need.

Binderwork- This is also tailored to each student and what they need and is run by my other para-professional. It could be math, reading, writing, grammar, handwriting, and more.

Inclusion- This is when my students are out in regular education for their instruction.

OMG! I didn't realize how much I had to explain. If you have questions please don't hesitate to ask. There are a few pieces to this schedule that I'd like to do separate posts about because they are so specific and there is a lot to them! I will also post pictures of my reveal soon and that can help create a picture as to how things work in my room!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Meet the Teacher

I am going to join the crowd on this one and share some information about myself that perhaps some of you may not know.  I'm joining Falling Into First's linky to meet the teacher! I haven't been a part of the blogging world as a blogger for that long and love opportunities to share with my readers. We might find we have other things in common besides teaching! 

Hello there! My name is Jenn and I am a 30 year old teacher, mom, and wife. I am going into my 7th year of teaching. I taught two years of first grade, two years of pre-kindergarten, a year of 6th-12th grade alternative education, and one year (starting my second next week) teaching autistic support as a special education teacher. 

What have I been up to this summer???

Oh, not much just getting my masters, being a summer-stay-at-home-mom to my 2 year but almost 3 year and acts like she's 12 year old daughter, loving time at home with my family (my husband works from home), going on short trips with friends and family, keeping up with my garden (holy pickles!).


teaching, movies, RHONY, MTV, softball, playdates (both children and adult ones), making TPT products, blogging, working in my classroom

Well, I love sports and minored in it in college so maybe an athletic trainer?!


 Planner, Ritualistic, Positive


I can't believe how unbelievably long that summer felt, said NO TEACHER EVER!



Billy Joel ( saw him in concert this summer), Jenny Finch, Bradley Cooper, and my dad..


The Curly Haired Teacher

Going back in time... there are some days that I miss being a carefree kid! 




 Jesus Take the Wheel- Carrie Underwood


Morning person all the way.. I'm in bed by 9:30! 



I played softball since I was five and played all the way through four years of college at a division II school. I love it, and still play it as much as possible. I am even going to be the head coach for our middle school's softball team. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Top 10 Teacher E-Cards

My last post was a little serious so, I thought in light of all the teachers out there going back to school or getting ready for their school year to start. I'd do something light and funny.
I was bored, well actually stalling on finishing my grad work and any other work I could be doing and decided to look at e-cards. Here are the top 10 teacher E-cards that I just loved!










Which number is your favorite?!?! 

Friday, August 8, 2014

National Autism Conference Recap

I had this amazing opportunity to attend the National Autism Conference at Penn State University this year and I wasn't about to pass it up even though it meant giving up a chunk of my summer.  I was expecting greatness and I got it. The speakers I saw were amazing, and so in love with working with students with autism like me that it was refreshing to hear. I don't know about you, but, I am all alone in my building when it comes to having colleagues that have students with similar needs. This can be so frustrating when all you need is to bounce an idea off of another teacher. No one else in the building (especially at middle school age) understand why your student in screaming in the classroom because that is a typical behavior of most typical middle school-aged students. Notice I said most. It was great to be surrounded by a bunch of ABA-loving, autism-devoted educators, SLP's, and other individuals that work with autism.

So, here is a little recap of what my sessions were like. I went to over 10 sessions but for the sake of keeping things short I am going to pick my favs.

 I went to a training that discussed how to take abstract ideas like math concepts and turn them into more concrete ideas that students with autism can understand. At first, I thought I signed myself up for the wrong session because I thought how is this going to be relevant to my classroom, well I was surprised big time and loved it.

The whole point of the session was that we know that students with autism learn through visuals. Well, why don't we always teach math with visuals?? This session focused on teaching place value using pattern blocks, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division using place value blocks and arrays. This is pretty high stuff for the most autism populations in a middle school classroom but using the visuals made it so much more accessible for students with autism. 

In another session I got to listen to teacher who has her own autistic support classroom and how she sets up her classroom so that every minute she has with her students is utilized for instruction. It was great learning new techniques that help you save time, ways to organize materials and how to utilize ABA best practices. 

Then, I got to listen to Mark Sundberg. For those of you that know ABA you'll know he created the VB-MAPP. This is an assessment used to determine students ability to use language and verbal behavior effectively. It was all about how to administer the assessment, and how to take that data and how to know what to so with that data to drive instruction. This got a little data heavy but, it was good stuff.

I also had the pleasure of hearing Vincent Carbone of the Carbone Clinic. He has all sorts of credibility in ABA and verbal behavior. I don't get to fancy with all the vocabulary but, he is someone that you should know about if you work with students with autism, ABA, and verbal behavior. 

I think one of my favorite parts about the entire conference was the stories. Seeing the students that were so similar to the ones in my classroom succeeding. It was so inspirational knowing that even on those tough days when you want to pull your hair out it is all worth it. The one day that it just clicks in the students head and they got the skill you have been trying to teach them all year. It was a great experience going to the National Autism Conference, and I can definitely see myself going in the future!