Monday, August 18, 2014

ANOTHER TPT Back to School Sale!

Are you serious?!? You mean all the great products that I discovered after the TPT sale in the beginning of August I have a chance to get discounted to save and conserve all my money and get the most bang for my buck?

YOU GOT IT! Wednesday, August 20th!!!

720 × 90

I am psyched! I added a bunch of things to my wishlist and said, "Well I guess when there is a Christmas sale or something." Then I got the notification that TPT was doing it again!

So, since I have finally gotten my computer back along with my creativity mojo here are the products I have in my TPT store that are new that you might be insterested in! If you can't tell.. I'm on a task card tirade!!

Time Task Cards Level 1
With this set the students have to match the analog clock to the same picture of the analog clock. This would be for students just being introduced to time. 

Time Task Cards Level 2
This set of cards goes up a notch and asks the student to look at the analog clock and find the digital form of the same time and match it. 

Edmark Task Cards Lesson 1-45
This set is for my Edmarkers out there! This is the pictures and words for the first 45 lessons of Edmark! I'm going to continue with this set because I see it being such a big help in my classroom! 

And since I have been slacking in the freebie department I thought I'd send this out to really get you a preview of what all my task card sets look like. Drumroll please......

Days and Months Task Cards

I decided to make yet again another set of task cards. I told you I am crazy about them right now. Well. these cards will allow your students to practice matching the visuals for the days of the week and the months of the year to each other for a simple work task or group activity for your morning meeting time. 

Well I hope you can find something you like and if you don't see anything in this blogpost check out my store : Teach.Love.Autism TPT Store

Remember 20% + another 8% for a total of 28% off all my products on August 20th!! Grab those last minute things you want before school starts!! 

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