Saturday, August 2, 2014

August Currently- Possible Milestone FREEBIE!

Oh no! Oh yes! I'm going to cry! I'm so excited! (Obviously I've got mixed emotions here.) It's August and my "back to school brain" is engaged. My husband will hate me because every conversation we will have over the next month will probably involve him talking and me thinking about 509685048 things I should be doing for the new school year. Whoops! Sorry babe!

So, I'm link up with Oh Boy 4th Grade because I wanted to be on top of one thing this month and feel like I'm starting off on the right foot. Check out my currently...

Listening- We didn't start the fire! Ha! I am soooo excited.. I'm only 30 and I'm taking things off my bucket list. I will be listening to Billy Joel LIVE tonight!! I've never been to a concert EVER!! (People look at me like I'm nuts when I say that, maybe I am.) I'll be sure to take pictures! :) 

Loving- I have been taking vacations, visiting family, visiting friends, enjoying all the joys and freedom that teachers get by having their summers off. It has been wonderful getting to be home with my daughter and not always be working. I'm taking a lot on this year with a new curriculum, being a union rep for my building, coaching middle school softball, participating in an ABA coaching initiative, and piloting a new assessment for special education students in PA. With all that going on this year the relaxation that I'm enjoying now doesn't make me feel so guilty...

Thinking- Well, it was not to long ago I started my facebook page and now I'm almost ready to hit a milestone! I'm stoked! All I need is a few more likes and I'm at 100. Yeah, it's a small milestone but, being as I started this blog in May I think I'm doing fairly well for myself. I have met some amazing bloggers and already feel like part of the spec. ed. blogger crew out there. Anyways, when I get to 100 likes I'm going to do a freebie from my TPT store... any suggestions?
And... if you haven't already here is a link to my facebook page so you can like it!!  Teach.Love.Autism Facebook Page

Wanting – I am drooling over the bloggers that I follow that get Stich Fixs! The clothes are adorable and seem like so much fun to try on and experiment with. I love the idea that it comes to your house and it is easy to send back. I am so debating on trying this out but, I'm afraid I will like everything and want to keep it all every time! We all know our teacher salaries can not afford that every month! Maybe I can convince my husband to give it to me as a graduation present for completing my masters????

Needing -  I'm sure we all could say that we need more time. There is always more that a teacher can do. I also wish I had more time to get some house projects that I didn't get to this summer done but, I still have some time. I have to say though, August is filling up with professional development, lunches with friends before that is no longer an option, softball tryouts and practices (I accepted a new coaching job) and spending time with my daughter before work starts again. Oh well, gotta make room for the real priorities

1st Day of School- I'd like to tell you that I do a scavenger hunt to help my students find things around the room, or I go over all the procedures, routines and structure of my room but, there is a problem. I don't remember!! Is it really weird that every year now that I taught (this is #7 coming up) that I can't remember for the life of me what I have done on the first day of school. It is like a blur!! So, I'm going to try and dig up my lesson plans from last year and see what I can find! Hopefully I planned something good! 

LASTLY- I know I promised this last month, but pictures of my classroom are coming soon! I forgot to do before pictures so they will just be after pictures. Those are the better ones anyways! 


  1. Oooh! I am so jealous you are going to Billy Joel :) I love him.
    I've been drooling over the stitch fixes too, maybe I can ask for that for Christmas. I love the idea that the clothes are different than anything I would usually find on my own!

    1. Well, yes it was AMAZ-ING! Stich Fix for Christmas is a great idea!

  2. I feel ya on the needing more time. During the summer I got a little antsy and now I'm freaking out that there aren't enough hours in the day. Blahhhh... I am seriously debating doing a stitch-fix as well! Everyone I see posting about it makes it look so enjoyable annnnd like it saves some time! ;)

    See Bean Teach

    1. Melissa-
      I agree, I feel like I said in June and July, "Oh, there is so much summer left, I can get that done!" Ummm.. not so much now! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Have fun at the concert! Two of my sisters in law are SLP's and work with lots of students with autism. I'll send them over to your page! I'm fairly close to 100 as well, hope your milestone comes soon!!

    FCS and Then Some

    1. The concert was awesome! Please do send anyone you know that would love my blog! Thanks!!


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