Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My 5 Random Thoughts of the Moment..

I know.. I know.. I know.. I am doing a horrible job of blogging right now. I have just been super overwhelmed with my job, my second job (coaching softball), and life overall. I have had a few busy weekends and this one is no different because it is my daughter's birthday party so please bear with me.

As I have gotten through the first month or more of school there are just some random things that I'd like to state. They are very random and weird but, when I struggled to find a topic to write about tonight I just said screw it I'm going to put it all together. So here are my top 5 thoughts of the moment since the school year as started:

1. My paraprofessionals rock! They have helped me so much this year with talking to college students that have come to observe my classroom that I just don't have the time to talk to when I'm teaching replacement behaviors to disruptive kiddos or just doing their job of working their butts off for my students.

2. New curriculums are great and the devil all at once. I love Unique Learning System and the opportunities it has provided my students to get more access to the type of curriculum their regular ed. peers get but on their level. But, learning this bad boy has been a killer pain in the butt. I am seeing results though so it is totally worth it! (It's also worth a blog post or two of sharing in the near future!)

3. When you are a teacher, you are entitled to have a life. I have just made myself turn off the laptop, the emails, and the lesson plans when I needed to be a human being and spend time with my family.

4. Why as teachers are we being required more and more to be parents in the classroom? It can be hard to draw that line of education as a teacher and education as a parent and I wish that our society wasn't pushing families to look at teachers to be the parents of the their children. I wish parents would take that responsibility back. Some are trying to do that (myself included) but, it gets harder and harder to do everyday.

5. My students make me laugh over and over everyday and it is the best feeling in the world. Despite the fact that I am tired and this is a lot of work. I love what I am doing and that's what I try to tell myself everyday when I have a tough moment or two or twenty-five!

Well, there is a little randomness for you.. as I go back to those emails that I promised to turn off in about 30 minutes so I can get some me-time with my pillow.

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