Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Workbasket Wednesday- a Link Up

I am linking up with Christine from Autism Classroom News. She has started a new work tasks link-up for anyone who uses them in their classroom and wants to share. So, I finally went through my many tasks that I have this year and I ended up going through all of my materials and creating some new tasks, vamping old ones, and keeping the goodies from last year. The theme for this month is simple. So here are some of my newer and simpler work tasks...

Super Easy one here! I found these mini teeny time clothespins at a dollar store at a "Dollar General" for a dollar. Then I took different colored construction paper that matched the clips and laminated it to make it easier and sturdier to use. Then I just showed each student how to use and what is inside. Great fine motor task. 

This is another Edmark based work task. I use a lot of Edmark Reading Program in my classroom with my students and I am always looking for ways to incorporate this work into the curriculum outside of reading instruction so here we go. I made the worksheet a while back and saved the copies of the blank template to them write in whatever words I wanted. Then I got these alphabet stamps from Oriental Trading and one of the first times they ran the "Almost perfect" sale with some items that had one or two things wrong with them that they sold at a cheaper price. There was nothing wrong with these stamps and they work great! 

Lastly, I gave you a double photo to take a look at this one. I found this container with the dividers in it from a set of supplies I bought at a craft store and thought to myself what am I going to have them sort in here?? COINS! It is like the task that is a constant staple in my room. My students need to learn the difference between the coins, so we practice sorting them constantly. 

Thanks for checking out my easy to assemble work tasks. Hope you enjoyed it and check back as I plan to share more of my new work tasks for this school year! 


  1. So glad you linked up! I love all these tasks. I always love those little clothespins but always wonder what to do with them! The sorting container is super cool and the stamps are awesome! Thanks for linking up!!


  2. Thanks and thank you for making an awesome linky!

  3. I LOVE the coin sorting activity. That would be great for my kids!

    1. Thanks Karen! I try to squeeze money concepts into anything I can!!


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