Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Teaching Pet Peeves

So, as I was reading around some fellow bloggers blogs I found one that was all about that bloggers pet peeves (non-teaching blogger). It kind of inspired me to work on a post that talked about about my pet peeves as a teacher.

1. I hate disorganization. Everything in my classroom has to have a home. So, students that lack this capability really get on my nerves and I make it my goal to get them organized. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. 

2.  I hate crooked things. Things need to by symmetrical and/or lined up straight. I literally stagger my bulletin board titles so that you can't tell if they are not lined up right. (Teacher trick I learned. 

3. I hate when other teachers think I do nothing all day and basically tell me that. 

4. I hate when a student is absent because it makes the day go sooooooo much longer. 

5. I hate when my ipad is dying. I sometimes forget to plug the charger in before I leave for the day and then the whole next day I am stuck attached to this cord and unable to move around the classroom because if I unplug it I can't work on it. 

6. I hate when the volume on my smartboard is on an odd number. This also goes for my car, my TV and anything else with a numbered volume. I know that's just weird. 

7. I hate when my to-do list looks like a small child has written all over it (sometimes that maybe true in my case). It is so annoying and I cannot move forward on my to-do list until it looks nice, neat, and organized. 

8. I hate that other people have no idea (well except the small few other teachers like me in the world) how hard I work on a daily basis to provide appropriate education for my students. I bust my butt and I can't stand when someone tries to tell me I don't do anything or my students are incapable of "real work". Talk about someone really wanting to get me into a rage... 
9. I hate no schedule (I'm like my students on this one). I hate not knowing what is coming next and for how long I'm going to have to do it for. This includes inservice professional development trainings that feel like drag on for days... 

10.  Lastly, I hate that a majority of the students in my building have no awareness of my students. I feel like part of that can be fixed by me and I've seen other teachers do trainings or seminars in their schools for other students to allow them to understand autism and other learning disabilities. Just having a student come up to me and ask, "Is there something wrong with her?" drives me bonkers. I can't imagine if I was a parent of a student with autism and the lack of understanding most people out in public would probably have. 

Alright, so I've vented, I've told you what is my major pet peeves as a teacher.  Now I'm going to challenge all my fellow blogger friends out there to share!! What are your teacher pet peeves???


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