Thursday, November 6, 2014

Work Basket Wednesday, November Style...

Workbasket Wednesday at Autism Classroom News

Yes! I think this is my favorite time of the month! Work Basket (or in my classroom Work Task) Time! I love working with my students on these. They are the most independent and functional tasks my students do in the classroom. I was lucky enough to have 2 areas of my room that I can dedicate to this. The theme was "packaging tasks" and as I looked in my room I wasn't sure if I had them and then it dawned on me. So keep reading as I share my tasks for this month's linkup with Autism Classroom News.

My work task shelves are my pride and joy. I got great ideas from The Autism Helper and a few other awesome special education bloggers out there on how to set this up the first year in my classroom. I have over 100 boxes currently available for my students to use and I have tons more just stored away neatly in ready to go bags that all I have to do is dump and go! I love it! It is so efficient and so fast and my students get countless hours of meaningful work to do!

This month for Work Basket Wednesday I decided to share two that I have shared in the past. These are new ones for the school year but, I did do a post on them previously ------> here. Check them out!

With this box the students have to repackage the clips in the boxes that they belong it. Way easy to come up with! I just had an abundance of these clips in my supply closet! 

The next one is a packaging task where the students have to follow the template to fill the small square containers with one of each color of the blocks and close it with the lid. Simple but, multi-steps are needed to do this so following structure and routine is important. 

My other new baby this year is my "Life Skills Area". In this area I have taken things that students are likely to be doing at home or on a job site to practice in a more meaningful way. They vaccuum, wipe tables, sort laundry, and more! (A post about this is coming so I don't want to give away the juicy details!) So I choose 2 tasks from there as well to share! Here they are!

For this task the students have to put together the test tube and the top and place it into the carrier tray. Once they have filled it they have to take them out and take them apart again.
Sorry this pic is upside down. I can't figure it out so hopefully all you teachers out there can read it! This is a packaging task where the students take the beads that match the colors on the paper and have to package them as if they were pills into the pill container. I love this because it is definitely something they would need to do in their real life! 

Well, I hope you got some great ideas and please stop by again soon as I plan to share the rest of the making of my "Life Skills Area" of my classroom. I am so proud of the work my students do and so proud to share it with all of you! 


  1. Where did you get that pill box?

    1. I am not sure! Unfortunately! I found it in my attic packed away from things I received when a family member passed, yes definitely weird to get but, in my case it was perfect! I know that Dollar Tree has ones that you can use, just maybe not as big without using up all your money! Sorry I couldn't help more!

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