Wednesday, February 25, 2015

On the fly adaptations.. and a FREEBIE!

Welcome to my blog, for those of you reaching me via the Valentine Bloghop! For those of you that are my regular blog followers thanks for continuing to read and showing me the love!

Okay, I'm getting my feet wet again. For those of you that don't read this regularly I have been having somewhat of a writers block and thinking that I don't have anything going on in my classroom to write about so I stopped writing. I also just needed a break to focus on my classroom and make sure that that was still my top priority. 

So, as I know I need to get back into the swing of this blogging world I also realized that there are tons of things to write about! I look at all the other fabulous special education bloggers and they write about all kinds of things in their room that I find fascinating but, I guess I just don't think I have the same things going on in my room, which I absolutely do! 

Anyways, to get moving here. I have a student in my classroom who I have been working on writing with. I have even been reaching out to my fellow special education bloggers to find out what they would use with this student. I kind of feel like I'm at a road block. My main struggle is that she has such a hard time composing a sentence it is like pulling teeth. She is a very visual learner so if I give her a picture she can name the picture but to show her a picture of a dog and say write a story or a sentence it can be rough. Usually this is what it looks like if I would ask her to write a sentence about a dog or even more a story. 

Sentence Example:

Dog dog outside dog inside.

Story Example:
Dog dog outside dog inside. Dog play.

So, as I was working with her the other day I came up with this idea and went with it. Here is a few pictures to show what I did. I use The Autism Helper's Writing Centers with this student. In specific this day we were working on the "Super Sentences".

Here are the directions for how to use this center:

Here is a picture showing the types of sentences that the student would start with that would need some help to be turned into "Super Sentences". 

So, when I work with my student I always help her with the "Wh-" questions that would help guide her thinking into making the sentences "super".  Here is a quick visual I've made on the fly to help with that. Super easy!

Here is a visual that I've made and used with this as well to help my students put sentences together. 

And this leaves us with the freebie! 

I have decided that for today only, that this Wh-Visual that I made for my students to assist with writing sentences, answering wh- questions, and anything else you can think of for FREE. 
Click Here to download it from TPT. 

ALSO, Please go to TPT and my store (Teach.Love.Autism) to check out the Teachers are Heroes Sale!!

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  1. I love it! I can not wait for the snow to melt to use this visually with one of my kiddos.


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