Thursday, April 2, 2015

National Autism Awareness Freebie and Sale!

Happy Autism Awareness day! I have my blue on... how about you?? I am so excited for today because the recognition it gets has been growing and growing. More people that I talk to remember that today is National Autism Awareness Day and it's because we are making them more aware!

I'm so thankful for my job, my students, my staff, and all the things I get to learn everyday by working with students with autism. I had parent teacher conferences/IEP meetings yesterday and they were all so positive and the parents are so supportive of what is going on in my classroom and the students are doing well. Don't get me wrong we have our days, we have our weeks, we have our months where things just go crazy but, because of all the dedication of the parents and staff in my room this year things have been great.

So, in honor of all this I have a few things for you. First, I have a freebie. It is part of a link-up with Chris Reeve at Autism Classroom News. She wrote a great blog post today about autism awareness/acceptance and about her own sister who is diagnosed with autism and what she has learned. It is a great read and at the end of it you find some freebies that a lot of other awesome teachers put out for you for today.

Also, I decided to throw a sale.. So from today to April 4th (Saturday) you can get anything in my store for 15% off.  Teach. Love. Autism.  Please leave feedback. It is so helpful when I'm trying to come up with new products and know if one I currently have is good too. Also, you get credits and can save money on your TPT purchases the next time! I always give feedback, because as dedicated teachers who end up putting more of their own money into their classrooms then we should we all know that every penny, dime, and nickel count!

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