Monday, May 4, 2015

New Edmark Product!

So, I have been not making many products this year. Seems like my creative juices start flowing when I start thinking about next year. I get new students, have new concepts I want to try with current students and bam! I get an idea for a product that I could make. This time I am extending a product that has done well in my store this school year.

Hopefully you are familiar with the fact that I love using Edmark for all my students' reading programs. I even have a post that I wrote about it HERE.

I have made multiple products with great feedback and thought that I'd continue adding them since it seems that other teachers are benefiting from them as well.

I have a product called Edmark Task Cards for Lessons 1-45, check it out here..

Here is the new product and I'm hoping to keep going and finish all the Level 1 words shortly, maybe even before the sale is over. The product is called Edmark Task Cards for Lessons 46-89.  I know I got fancy with the names here.

So, along with this new product there is that site wide sale thing going on too. This would be a great time to pick them up for cheap! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!


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