Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Bouncy Bands Review

Bouncy Bands!

I got this awesome opportunity to check out this product! It is meant to provide another way to help any student or I guess anyone a way to get some of that energy, anxiousness, or nervous tension out when they have to sit at a chair or a desk.  Here are pictures of the two different setups. This gives you great options because you aren't always in a room with a desk. There are some classes my students have (especially in middle school) where they sit at large tables or just in chairs or stools. So the chair option is nice as well!

I have a few students in my room that really needed another option for getting some of their energy out. They would not sit still at their desk and trying to get them to stop moving around in their seat was crazy. He was like a jumping bean, it was insane. So, when I got the opportunity to work with the product I jumped at it because I was willing to try anything that was made for calming those mover and shaker students of ours. I could not believe it! The kiddo got the hang of it in about 10 minutes! And he was bouncing away but in a functional way! 

The bands provide a great way for students to get some energy out and help relax them from all the fidgeting that they want to do. 

Just a few pictures above of students using the Bouncy Bands!

Right now if you use the code "15off"  you can get yourself a set of your own Bouncy Bands at a discounted price. I was really impressed at the cost of this product because there are so many items we use in our classroom for sensory needs that are so expensive! So, use the code and get them even cheaper! 


  1. I have a few students who have benefited from these as well. We just use thera-bands cut to size. Works perfect!
    Breezy Special Ed

  2. I am finding that I am spending so much money on buying resources for my classroom. So either of you ladies have any advise on how to get the school to offset some of the cost of these bands. I think my students would really benefit from using it, I just cannot constantly be spending my own money on this.

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