Saturday, November 28, 2015

New Growing Bundle Product and a TPT SALE!

I am sure you know.

I am sure you heard.

But, if you live under a rock (which I don't blame you I wish I did sometimes).

There is a sitewide TPT sale November 30th and December 1st!

That's right--- use this promo code ---> SMILE

My store is going to be discounted at 20% off already for those two days so plan to save 28% on everything!

Some of the new products I have gotten out in time for the sale are:

Bathroom Clothespin Task Cards
Bedroom Clothespin Task Cards

Kitchen Clothespin Task Cards 

In these sets you will find cards that have pictures and words related to the vocabulary of that room in a house. You can choose to use the word and the visual or just the visual and have the students clip to visual that matches on the card. 

These are great for one on one instruction, task cards, work tasks, independent work, homework! They have multiple uses. You can also use different methods of selecting the answer other than clothespins, just use your imagination based on what your students can do! 

All 3 sets above included and 3 more coming soon! 

I'm planning on showing real live pictures of these products showing you how I would prep them and use them soon! Just gotta get the laminator warmed up!! :)

Asking Questions

Okay so a while back, well even before school started I went to Target and found all kinds of goodies in the $1 spot. I know I am not the only teacher around that loves some good deals from the Target $1 spot! I am always bee-linng it right over there the minute I walk in the store. If you didn't get to read that post you can do that here

I wanted to share this after my other post though because I saw these and thought they would be great to use in my morning meeting with my students. For those of you that don't know my morning meeting is jam packed with skills. We are hitting all kinds of objectives, IEP goals, and standards based on this little 40 minute lesson. I had the director of special education for my district observed me teach morning meeting last year and she was really amazed at how much I could accomplish and cover with my students in such a short amount of time. If you are curious about what I do during morning meeting you can read that here

I always had a part of my morning meeting where we could answer and ask questions. It has been in different forms as I have fine tuned things to fit my students. We have had cards with random questions on it that someone picks and whiteboards where we write a sentence based on questions asked about a visual picture prompt card. 

Then I found these:

These cards seemed ideal for some of my students. Not sure if you can read on the picture but the blue pack is first and second grade and the yellow box (pink cards below) are third and fourth grade. Since I teach middle school I have some students that function at higher levels in which case I am always trying to find ways to challenge them. 

These cards are the first and second grade ones. Some of the questions on the cards above are: 
If you could have a super power what would you choose? 
If you could be president of the United States what would you do? 

These are the third and fourth grade cards and some of the questions on them are:
If you could bring one thing with you on vacation what would it be and why?
If you were going to start a new restaurant what would it be called and why? 

You can definitely tell there is a difference in the types of questions as they get more challenging. Also asking why can be difficult for any student and I know I even hate having to explain why to someone. 
So, what I have done is had the pile of cards ready for some of my students. They pick a card and read it out loud to a peer( they must use their name to get their attention). Then the peer has to answer the question the best they can sometimes with assistance on wording and grammar from some of the adults in the room. We try to treat it as practice of a typical conversation and these cards make it great! 
These cards are a great addition to my morning meeting routine. They are fun, quirky, interesting questions that my students won't get bored of because they aren't "What is you favorite food?" 

Again, thank you Target dollar spot! You are awesome! 

Saturday, November 14, 2015


Well hello there! I hope everyone is going to make it to Thanksgiving break! Just keep saying..."I think I can, I think I can." I know easier said then done! Well, this might help you out a little bit. Check it out!

That's right a bunch of special ed sellers are going to put some of our favorites on sale for just $1! I love it. All you have to do is type in #SPEDGivesThanks (with the hashtag) in the search bar and all the items that are part of the sale will show up for you! Here is what I have planned to put for sale:

This is my newest product and there are going to be more to come! I have bedroom and bathroom in the works! These are great because all you do is laminate them cut out the strips and use clothespins and have the students look at the word and picture at the top and attach the clothespin the matching picture underneath. Perfect for any student in your classroom. 

 This product is super versatile! I have promoted it as word wall and matching cards but I have seen people do so many different things with it from using it to make file folder activities to cut and past activities for their students. You can pretty much do it all with this. If you are looking for another way to supplement your Edmark lessons this will help you!!

So remember #SPEDgivesthanks!