Saturday, November 28, 2015

New Growing Bundle Product and a TPT SALE!

I am sure you know.

I am sure you heard.

But, if you live under a rock (which I don't blame you I wish I did sometimes).

There is a sitewide TPT sale November 30th and December 1st!

That's right--- use this promo code ---> SMILE

My store is going to be discounted at 20% off already for those two days so plan to save 28% on everything!

Some of the new products I have gotten out in time for the sale are:

Bathroom Clothespin Task Cards
Bedroom Clothespin Task Cards

Kitchen Clothespin Task Cards 

In these sets you will find cards that have pictures and words related to the vocabulary of that room in a house. You can choose to use the word and the visual or just the visual and have the students clip to visual that matches on the card. 

These are great for one on one instruction, task cards, work tasks, independent work, homework! They have multiple uses. You can also use different methods of selecting the answer other than clothespins, just use your imagination based on what your students can do! 

All 3 sets above included and 3 more coming soon! 

I'm planning on showing real live pictures of these products showing you how I would prep them and use them soon! Just gotta get the laminator warmed up!! :)

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