Saturday, November 14, 2015


Well hello there! I hope everyone is going to make it to Thanksgiving break! Just keep saying..."I think I can, I think I can." I know easier said then done! Well, this might help you out a little bit. Check it out!

That's right a bunch of special ed sellers are going to put some of our favorites on sale for just $1! I love it. All you have to do is type in #SPEDGivesThanks (with the hashtag) in the search bar and all the items that are part of the sale will show up for you! Here is what I have planned to put for sale:

This is my newest product and there are going to be more to come! I have bedroom and bathroom in the works! These are great because all you do is laminate them cut out the strips and use clothespins and have the students look at the word and picture at the top and attach the clothespin the matching picture underneath. Perfect for any student in your classroom. 

 This product is super versatile! I have promoted it as word wall and matching cards but I have seen people do so many different things with it from using it to make file folder activities to cut and past activities for their students. You can pretty much do it all with this. If you are looking for another way to supplement your Edmark lessons this will help you!!

So remember #SPEDgivesthanks!

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  1. I think your cards are a fantastic idea. I am currently studying the Gemiini program which is a program that teaches mute or students with low vocabulary skills how to learn how to speak my using basic phonics just like teachers do with students in reading classes. I bet your cards could be a great help if I put them up in my facilities and in and around my students houses so that they could see the words and make a correlation between what the word looks like and how the word sounds. what do you think?


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