Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sharing What Works: Work Tasks 4

I have not done one of these posts in AWHILE! I thought to myself that I owe you all another round of my work tasks in my classroom. I am constantly updating, changing and working on my work tasks in my classroom because lets face it. Our students are forever changing and we don't need them getting bored! If you'd like to see more of these posts you can look at these!

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 So, here is a work task that is like a mixture of a lot of things. I have a rubber maid container that is probably suppose to be used for storing your dinner when you don't want things to touch but, when I saw it at the Dollar Tree I was in my "work task mode" and thought what a great sorting vessel! So, I decided to cut holes in the top of the three sections so that they were the size of the items I wanted students to sort to make this work for a "put-in" task. I took beads of different shapes and counters that I didn't have another use for.
 With this task I was able to find things at the Target Dollar Spot (this was not recently though). I would say probably last winter I found the four section divided tray which came with a lid. I believe the real use for it was to organize makeup but, I again thought about how I could use it in my classroom, found these linking shapes at the Dollar Tree and was able to put together another sorting work task for $2!! The students have to sort by shape in this one.
Every year I get asked by my special education department about which stores in the area we would like gift cards too. Don't get too jealous we only get about $100 total worth of gift cards but, I'm not complaining here because every little bit helps! So, I asked for Five Below as one of my stores this past year. I was so excited when I went in there and found these! They are actually suppose to be things you put in your freezer and use as ice cubes in your drinks for some kind of fancy drink but, I thought of the packaging task right away. I have the students use these bags and take one of each fruit and package it in together.

 Sorry for the upside down picture. I am technically challenged when it comes to this and figured you can tell what it is so it doesn't matter. This work task is pretty awesome. I found these sight word/ classroom words on sentence strips with the picture cue to go with and didn't know what to do with them but, thought they were nice and being the packrat teacher I am I put them to the side until this year I decided to turn them into a task. I just cut them apart using different patterns so none of them would match up with the wrong answer (self-check made simple) and then added them to the box. Talk about a $1 work task. I think that should be a new hashtag. #dollarworktask

Last but most certainly not least. One of my favorites in my classroom this year has been these Life Skills Clothespin Tasks. I made these and you can find them at my TPT store. I have created a set for each room in the house such as:
-Living Room

I also put them all together in a BUNDLE that you can get right here too! The only thing you need to do with these is print, laminate, cut and add clothespins. The students can easily see the picture at the top with the word description and then clip the corresponding picture below that and it will make it super easy for them to identify some household vocabulary by words and pictures.

So, do you like these tasks? Think you want to set up one of these work stations in your classroom!?!? Well, I have got a new product for you.. CHECK IT OUT! Everything you need to get a work task system in your classroom. You can get this in my TPT store here!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check in again as I plan another Work Task post before the summer ends! :)