Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Most Important Station in my Classroom

I am a big believer that keeping the schedule filled and busy for my students is the key to having them stay on task, reduce behaviors, and maximizing the learning of new skills and the maintenance of old ones. So, I have a lot going on in my classroom. You can read posts about my schedules in my classroom here. 

In having a packed schedule you have to have things to put in it. So, I have created centers, stations, whatever you want to call them that my students work at everyday that are either taught 1:1 by myself or my paraprofessionals or they are independent areas that my students work at. One of those is my Life Skills Station. 

This has the students work schedules on them and then some of the drawers and cabinets have tasks inside them such as hanging and folding clothes, putting shoes away in an organizer by matching the pair. And in the corner you can see our vacuum. 

This cabinet is new this year and I am super pumped about it because not only does it store a lot of items for the students to work with but, it has this great work top space where students have room to fold clothes and work! 

Students work here everyday. I have created a schedule so that students work on different tasks on different days but, the key to getting the students to be independent here is that they can independently do the tasks prior to having them work on them at that station. This means that we have either tested to see if the students had these skills prior or we have taught them in a teaching session with an adult. 

Here is a look at some of the activities and skills that we have the students work on in this station:

These are my clothespin cards that I have for every room in the house to work on matching popular items that you would find in each room.

These are puzzles the students can put together by looking at the numbers at the bottom and putting them together with the same vocabulary for different rooms of the house. 

This is a pill organizer that my students use to follow the schedule with the colors on it to place pony beads in the right section of the pill sorter. 

This skill is not only something that a students may do as a job one day but, it works on their fine motor skills as well! 

Where did you get all those materials?? Well just like with my work tasks I have accumulated things over the years. I got this Vocational Task set from eNasco.

I have gotten some things from the Dollar Store, Target, and Five Below. 

And I have even made some things myself that you can get in my TPT store like these:

The biggest thing about this station is that it provides students a chance to practice skills that they will very likely need most of their lives. I might argue that it is one of the most important parts of my students days. So, if you haven't thought about implementing something like this in your classroom you definitely should!! 

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