Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Teaching CORE Vocabulary-- It's that SIMPLE!

I will first start off with I am not an SLP. I have had amazing support from SLPs that I work with that have taught me some basic background in working with students with disabilties and incorporating Core Vocabulary. I am not going to sit here and say all of what I am saying is researched based and have journals to refer to. All I am going to share with you is how I use it in my classroom and how I have seen results in my students using more core vocabulary!!
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I work with students with severe disabilities and many of them struggle with communication. I worked tirelessly to find ways to work with those students that would benefit them and not just have them doing busy work all day long.

I have incorporated Core Vocabulary into different times in my schedule for these students. Here are some simple and easy examples of how you can do it.

Have it all over your classroom. I use it on visuals in the classroom and I have a Core Vocabulary Word Wall (product by Mrs. D's Corner on TPT) that I incorporate into my lessons and refer students to when they aren't sure what they want to say. Here is a picture:    

Have a core vocabulary board available to your students who need it at any time. I try to have the boards in a reachable place for my students. If they aren't there, they aren't going to use them, or if they can't get them themselves I make sure I always place them out for every lesson. Another thing I have taught my students to do it so take their boards with them from place to place in the classroom. 

LAMP Words for Life Home Board with lots of Core Vocabulary 

If a student uses a communication device or app have a specific file or homepage of just core vocabulary. It is known that the core vocabulary words are the ones that we use most often so why not have them always readily accessible to our students that use AAC  devices too! Here is a picture of some of the ones my students' have. 
Core Vocabulary Board on Proloquo

Incorporate core materials into lessons during the day. I love to teach morning meeting concepts to my class such as calendar, weather, reading the lunch menu and more. We also have a "Core Vocabulary" time of the day where I pick a "Word of the Week" and we practice using this word in different situations to reinforce the use of it. This is specific direct teaching of the words to model for students how they should be used. Here are some of the materials I have used to teach these words. 

Core Vocabulary Interactive pages for Morning Meeting

Looking for more ways to incorporate Core Vocabulary?? Here are some cool TPT resources I have found:

Looking for ideas and resources?? Here are some websites that have resources that are cheap or free! That you can use in your classroom!!

Share below how you use Core Vocabulary in your classroom!! 


  1. I aspire to be like you when I grow up. Such a noble job you are doing, I hope you get some award or appreciation for your work.


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