Friday, June 2, 2017

10 Reasons Why I Love My Teaching Job

There are some times when I get to write a blog post and I know exactly what I want to write about and exactly what I want to share with my readers. Then there are times like this where I don't know if I have something to say that will interest people. That's the whole fun of this though right? If you don't like this... just close it out! 

I'm just going to talk about my love of my job today. If you don't know I teach special education (finishing my 4th year in SPED and my 9th year overall) in a middle school (yes, with teenagers!) to intellectually disabled students which most of the time means they have a diagnosis of autism. A lot of people would say that I am an "angel" because the work that I do is not always the easiest 

 Here are 10 reasons why I love teaching and why I love teaching students with autism and other disabilities.. 

10. My students are so literal!
Image result for literal
This picture made me literally laugh out loud! I totally mean this, my students have the best personalities. Most people may say, do they really because they don't talk much, they don't show most emotion but, when they show you who they really are by laughing, smiling or cracking a joke it is the best! My students listen to everything they are told and if you are not careful the picture above is what you might get if you ask for hand soap! 

9. My students have awesome memories. 
Image result for autism memory
If you have never heard of this guy google, "Steven Wiltshire" who is this awesome guy in the picture above who literally flies over cities and memorizes them, then he draws them without ever going back! My students from time to time have caught me forgetting, which is fine because we are all human but, they things they can remember are astounding!

8. I get to continue learning right along side my students. 
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I do not mean you have to go back to grad school even though most of us do. I mean you seriously have a different adventure everyday that you are in the classroom and my students teach me those things. It may be to never say a direction the way I just did because like I said before my students are literal and instead of writing 8 nouns on a piece of paper like dog, cat, etc. they wrote "8 nouns". You learn all kinds of things from all students if you just look inside enough to take every moment as a learning opportunity. 

7. I get to run the show and do what's best for my students!  
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No, I don't mean that you get to be mean, but you get a say in what happens and how things are running in the classroom. You get to shape the lives of students and make an impact. That concept can be so amazing to think about and so scary all at the same time, but the opportunity is priceless and I try to remember that everyday!

6. The students love structure and routine and so do I!
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I think one of the best things about my students is they love structure and routine. Yes, I could also say one of the most challenging things about my students is they love structure and routine when something happens that is not a part of that normalcy. We know that ALL students and even people in general need some sort of routine in their lives and yet, I find helping my students get that balance is so important and an honor to have. 

5. I get my summers off (I know cliche). 

I love it because it gives me time to learn, grow, and create. How many professions let you have time off to do that?? And throw in a vacation or two! We work our butts off for 10 months and that equals out way more work then anybody else does in 2 years. 

4. My students learn and speak in pictures!

Visuals, visuals, visuals they save our butts all the time. If all else fails find a visual or draw one on the fly to help your student understand. I love that I work in middle school and still have excuses to add color to my room in some way!

3. I constantly have an ever changing day. 

No matter how many schedules I create and how many everyday routines we have there is always something new that happens and needs to be managed every day. It makes for a very fast paced and interesting day. 

2. My students are so talented in different ways!

I have students good at drawing, like amazing. I have students good with math facts and can rattle them off in no time. I have others who have the abilities to see something put together before they have even taken the holding materials out of the box.

1. I get to do what I love everyday! 

I feel lucky and privileged to say that I get to work with these students. They challenge me yet they teach me so much about life. My advice, do what you love!