Monday, December 18, 2017

SPED Blog Posts to Read RIGHT NOW to Survive to Winter Break!

I know some of you may be already on break... LUCKY YOU! I'm still in the heat of the craziness that is students that are soooo ready for all the fun of Holidays and over the regular day to day in the classroom. So like you, I am trying to rack my brain to come up with things we can do that are fun, educational, and better then the same old things we do every day! Here are a roundup of blog posts that I have found from other great SPED bloggers of things they have done in their classrooms!

You know I love a good set of work tasks in my classroom and if you don't know about that obsession of mine you could read the series of blog posts about that here.  Then if you did read enough check out these two links below of holiday themed tasks that fun and engaging!

 Holiday Themed Work Boxes from Fun in ECSE

Holiday work tasks are my favorite in my Autism Classroom. These are perfect for structured work time or any time when you're working on task boxes!
Holiday Task Boxes from You aut- aKnow

I am not a super crafty person. I don't really have the time to prep and prepare lots of crafts in my classroom but, to my defense I work with older students in middle school so when we do crafts I save it for this time of the year! These two posts are great for incorporating not only crafts but fine motor and academic skills! 
Fine Motor Christmas Tree Crafts   from Simply Special  Ed. 

Oh yes, I couldn't forget about the Target dollar spot erasers. I have them too. I just didn't think to write a whole blog post on it! Thank goodness I found this blog post on how someone else does it! Find out how to get the most out of all those cute snowmen, snowflakes, and peppermint candy erasers with this post. 
Using Christmas Erasers in Your Classroom from A Special Kind of Class

Hopefully I was able to help you find some great ideas from some fellow bloggers on ways to get you through those last few days of break! I know that these ideas will be up my sleeves for sure! As always thanks for stopping by and I'll be sharing more with you soon! 


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