Sunday, April 8, 2018

Why Is He Doing That? Teaching Acceptance through Literacy

One thing that I love about our society lately is people are all about acceptance and understanding. There are SOOOO many resources out that you can use to share and educate the students in your classroom about and more specifically there has been an increase in materials that you can bring right to your students.
1972546_10202848500200708_1110540396823374327_n.jpgI was given the opportunity to read a book called, "Why Is He Doing That?" This book is written by Rachel M. Cuellar. She is the author and illustrator of the book. She wrote the book when she was nineteen years old! She has many experiences working with children of all different abilities. She has had this book published and now is in college studying to get her Masters in Special Education. I met her through social media and she is such a lovely and sweet person.

Now, back to the book, the things that I love about this book is that Rachel really thought about a few things. She took a young boy in third grade named Gerald and described him in a way that is positive and yet honest. The things that Gerald does in the story depicts the very common characteristics of a person with autism but, she goes on to explain some of the reasons why he is doing those things. I think often when we educate children on autism we don't always explain the reasons why and this is one reason I love this book.

She has these great illustrations that really truly depict the things that others may think as they try to understand someone with autism and she conveys how a person with autism may be feeling in different scenarios. This can provide understanding in another way then just through the words.

Another thing that is great about this book is the line, "Gerald is different, just like everyone else." Which is such a powerful line. It is something that is said over and over in the book and for obvious reasons. This is a line that every child needs to hear. We are all different in our own ways whether it is struggles or strengths and everyone around us is just like us in that thought. We may not all have the same differences but, we are all different from one another. That can be a little deep for some younger students but, just that exposure to a saying like that can start awareness and acceptance and that is exactly what we want.

You can visit the website for the book at where there is a podcast and you can learn more about the information and the story behind the book! Also, Rachel has created a blog within her site that gives information on building more awareness for anyone wanting to more about people with disabilities. You can also purchase her book there.

Want to meet Rachel and learn more about her book? Check out this video!

This book is a great way to start up an acceptance library. There are many other books out there that you can read to your class to help gain awareness and acceptance. I have created a link to Amazon where I have listed this book and a few others that have really been a great part of my library that I've used for many years with students and families that I have worked with. You can find that here. 

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